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Yes. The wall switch must be turned ON and the fan connected to a network.

Yes. The fan will follow the latest instruction from either remote control or App.

Yes, if you control the fan by using remote control. If you wish to use the App to control the fan, it must be connected to the network.

Possible reasons:

  1. 1/f Yuragi function is turned ON in the App.
  2. Another user is controlling the fan.

Possible reasons:

  1. Fan status is offline. Please swipe down to refresh and change fan status to online.
  2. Different fan is controlled by mistake.
  3. Another user is controlling the fan.

Ensure you are not in SLEEP mode as fan speed cannot be changed in SLEEP mode. If yes, please deselect SLEEP mode.


Yes, you can edit and overwrite the scene setting according to your preference.

The Night Light is fixed as WARM colour. This is factory default setting.

Please do the following:

  1. Swipe down to refresh and check if the fan status is offline.
  2. Check if different fan is controlled by mistake.
  3. Check if another user is controlling the fan.


No, only one can be activated at one time. ON Timer is applicable when the fan is OFF while OFF Timer is applicable when fan is ON.

You can enable the SLEEP mode using the App. Please set the OFF Timer at least two hours and the fan must be at speed 2 or above.

No, Timer function is applicable for fan speed only. However, you can use scheduling function to turn ON or OFF the LED light at specific time.


Please do the following:

  1. Ensure modem and router are connected to the internet. Schedule function needs internet to operate.
  2. Ensure Wi-Fi function of Fan is turned ON. (Turn ON Wi-Fi function of Fan by pressing on remote control. Short beep indicates ON mode and long beep indicates OFF mode)

The fan schedule follows local time zone where it is installed.

  • Yes. To set different schedule for multiple fans, you need to set and save the setting for each fan.
  • To set same schedule for multiple fans, you can use “Copy all” function.
  • Click here and refer “How to use” for explanation.

Yes, but only Fan and Melody setting will be copied. Light setting will not be copied.

No, the melody is fixed and cannot be changed.



No. Currently only ONE language (English) available.

Press    MAIN MENU > Select “Connected product” > Select the fan you want to rename > Press “Name” > Type in new product name > Press “Done”.

Yes, but limited to only space (blank), and symbols such as # , . ( ) – _

No, you can only use alphanumeric, space (blank), and symbol such as # , . ( ) – _

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