• There is no logout button for this App.
  • For Android user, you can delete the App data in device setting in order to log out.
  • For iOS user, you need to delete and re-install the App to log out. (Note: Account will log out automatically if user does not log in or operate the App for more than two weeks)

If you want to use different ID, delete and reinstall the App (for Android user can delete App data in device setting).

Select “Forgot Password” at the bottom of login page and follow the instruction.

Yes. However, the account will log out automatically from your first logged in device if you login using the same account in the second device.

No. However, you will be required to re-type the password when you do not login or operate the App for more than two weeks.

No, you do not need to re-connect the fan, if you login using the same account.

Maximum 8 fans. If you wish to control more than 8 fans at the same time, you need to use another account to control the extra sets.

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