Installation Guide

Installation Of One Unit Ceiling Fan

The main features of a ceiling fan is to move the entire air in the room, not creating a local wind as in other fans. To determine the model and mounting position, consider the condition below:
H : distance from blade to floor (M)
R : radius of effective floor space of wind spread (M)
S : effective floor area (M2)
Size of Blade H (M) S (M2) Coefficient
120cm 2.5 8.3 0.65
150cm 3 12.5 0.65

Calculation Formula
R : coefficient x H
S : hR² , where h = 3.14


Calculation If More Than One Unit Required

L : Distance between ceiling Fan to another (Pitch in M)
A : Distance of overlapping air throw between fan
B : Distance between tip of fan to wall
BL : Blade length (M)
L : (RX2) - 0.4 , where 0.4 is maximum allowable overlapping of air throw between fan
L : (RX2) - 0 , if minimum A = 0
To calculate B = R - BL